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Kosovo and Islam's Balkanization of the World

Even as the world rushes to embrace the newly manufactured Kosovo as a country, the rise of a splinter Muslim country in Europe can't help but give hope to Islamic terrorists fighting to create breakaway states in Thailand, the Philippines, Israel, India and Kenya among many others.

Balkanization, or divide and conquer, has always been a key element in bringing down countries and with a global Islamic war, each country with a Muslim minority, natively converted or imported, is on the same track as Yugoslavia.

What Hitler did with the Volksdeutsche, ethnic Germans, across Eastern Europe, his former Muslim allies are doing across the world with Muslim populations. With the Volksdeutsche, before a single soldier of the Reich even set foot in a country, the Volksdeutsche would radicalize and foment unrest that would either carve up the target country or justify military intervention to "liberate" them. When the country was conquered, the Volksdeutsche would quickly become occupation forces.

With Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood to the Ayatollahs either being direct allies of Hitler or influenced by Nazism, it's no surprise that Muslims have adopted Nazi tactics and Kosovo and its Muslim population that had formerly collaborated with the Nazis, is their greatest victory, a Muslim state carved out of the heart of Europe through ethnic cleansing, with the world's approval.

Whether in Gaza or the Paris riots, Kosovo or Kashmir, Balkanization is Islam's greatest weapon. Lacking a Nazi Germany to invade on their half behalf, Muslims practice violence and terrorism combined with manipulative publicity aimed at the world to convince them to take their side. And time and time again it has worked.

Kosovo and the Palestinian Authority are both triumphs of terrorism, victories by racist nationalists whose aim has always been religious and ethnic cleansing who have nevertheless managed to portray the countries they have torn to shreds as racist nationalists practicing ethnic cleansing.

Time and time again, Muslims continue to transform nation after nation into Czechoslovakia, convincing the world that there will be peace if a country is carved up and they are given a peace. Yet even as Western Europe itself is being balkanized, its leaders give little thought that tomorrow's Kosovo is Paris or London or Oslo. That the sacrifices for tomorrow's peace will come from their own territory

The Balkanization track follows the same pattern.

Stage 1: Political Grievance - In the first stage of Balkanization, the Muslim population is increased if it's not native and radicalized if it is. Political organizations are set up and claims of oppression and discrimination become constant to set the grounds for future action.

Stage 2: Violence - Terrorist groups begin operating in conjunction with political groups offering the authorities a choice, either comply with their political demands or face violence.

Governments commonly fall for this trap believing that they can resolve the problem by empowering the moderate political groups and in doing so weaken the terrorists, little realizing that it's like giving competing in a wrestling match and giving in to your opponent's right hand to weaken his left hand. The political groups serve to shield the terrorists while cooperating with liberal organizations and turning them into a fifth column. The terrorist groups serve as the stick forcing a surrender to the political groups.

Stage 3: Secession - With political and terrorist groups operating now, governments belatedly attempt some sort of half-hearted crackdown. This only serves to justify greater violence and extremism on behalf of the terrorist and political groups. Claiming discrimination, they begin to demand either secession through autonomy or outright rule. Falling into the same trap all over again, governments begin seriously pondering autonomy refusing to realize that both choices lead to the same place.

Stage 4: War - With or without an autonomous state, the violence drastically escalates into the next phase of Mao's phases of guerrilla warfare, with armed militias in the field. While these militias pose no serious threat, they tie up large numbers of government troops and carry out atrocities against the civilian population. Meanwhile any response by the government troops quickly becomes a propaganda moment and is broadcast around the world along with cries for intervention.

The government's attempts at moderation accomplish nothing except to cause the guerrillas to believe in their own immunity and give them time to regroup after every defeat. Government action typically contains enough force to make for good propaganda but not enough to actually make a difference. The civilian population grows weary of the fighting, international organizations call for intervention and peace talks and the government begins to defer to their wishes.

Stage 5: Surrender - Peace talks begin slowly carving up the country on the enemy's terms which are promptly accepted on behalf of the country by various superpowers. If the country resists, it's bombed. If it gives in, it's constantly accused of dragging its feet. The autonomous territory becomes an independent state. The native population becomes dispirited and loses hope. The country's academic and media circles accept defeat as inevitable and welcome the coming peace.

Stage 6: Conquest - The war continues this time from the independent state. Ethnic cleansing is used to purge non-Muslims from Muslim territory while any territory within the country with a Muslim minority is added to the list of demands. Atrocities and terrorism become habitual. Any government response is condemned worldwide as brutal and warmongering. Backed into a corner the country may try to fight for its survival, but it has spent too long being undermined and its bravest and brightest have learned apathy and its new generation only wants to leave. The result is a complete surrender followed by a butchery.

Stage 7: Misery - The country is carved up and renamed by its former minority and its identity ceases to exist. The former terrorists are typically corrupt and incompetent, vital services decay, crime soars, ethnic cleansing destroy the most productive elements of society and the place becomes a miserable sinkhole under a tyranny whose prime purpose is to support the terrorists who are doing Stage 1 or Stage 2 in the country across the border.

This is what we are now facing today. Yugoslavia and Israel are both teetering between Stage 5 and Stage 6. Europe is well into Stage 2 and well on the way to Stage 3. Thailand and the Philippines are in Stage 3 and moving toward Stage 4. America is between Stage 1 and Stage 2, though if Obama becomes President I imagine we'll be skipping a couple of steps. In the end though the trajectory is all the same and unless something is done, country by country will fall.

Muslims command two great weapons, a potent birthrate and the ability to lie and believe their own lies. The former is less significant but the latter is quite powerful indeed, as a short glance at the evening news will quickly show you.

And they're carving up the world country by country, land by land and territory by territory. Hitler's opening gambit has become Islam's opening gambit. Kosovo is the sordid triumph of imagined human rights by carving up a country and turning it over to Muslims who have made it their own by ethnically cleansing Christians, Jews and Roma (gypsies) from its borders.

Around the world the moral authority has fallen into the bloody hands of the terrorists of Paris, London, Ramallah Riyadh, Tehran, Damascus, Kashmir, Oslo, Kosovo and Beslan -- because the moral and culture decay of civilization has left it unable to reason or resist.

Balkanization is the tool of the rats in the walls of our countries gnawing through the mortar by by bit, knowing that undefended, even the mightiest structures must fall. Knowing that the only thing that might stop them would be if the mortar was renewed and the walls stood strong again.


  1. Thanks for this piece. It's going out to my mailing list. Israel recognizes Muslim Bosnia's independence to her own ruin.

    Guess who is supporting this in the White House? Does George W. ring a bell?

  2. well why would he not, america under clinton made this possible

    as i keep saying, it's a legacy policy

  3. There is no good rationale for this folly or for any other Bush folly.

    I did not enjoy watching Clinton embrace mass-murdere, Yasser Arafat -- or push Arafat on Rabin, then on Barak at Camp David; I did not enjoy seeing the Rabin, Clinton and Arafat charade on the White House Lawn. It was all very sordid, yet this is what I have come to expect from the left.

    I do not expect to see this from the right. I refuse to support it. G-d willing, I won't support it with either Bush or McCain. That is why, barring a miracle, I will not vote for McCain in November.

    Then governor / candidate Bush gave the impression, he viewed with disdain, Clinton efforts to force Israel into dangerous territorial concessions. Bush indicated under his administration, things would be different.

    Governor Bush made it clear that he would "always stand with Israel," not attempt to "make Israel conform to [Washington's] own plans and timetables" for peace. Bush insisted, "My support for Israel is not conditional on the outcome of the peace process. America's special relationship with Israel precedes and transcends the peace process. And Israel's adversaries should know that in my administration, this special relationship will continue even if they cannot bring themselves to make true peace with the Jewish state. Something else will happen when I take office in January 2001: I will set in motion immediately the process of moving the U.S. ambassador to the city Israel has chosen as its capital, Jerusalem."

    All this was jettisoned, only days after the September 11, 2001 atrocities. There is no excusing Bush. That Clinton set these things in motion is no more a justification to me than any bad precedent such as the 1857 U.S. Supreme Court Dred Scott vs. Sanford decision should be used as a justification for Abraham Lincoln to follow.

    Bad policy should not mean a continuation of bad policy. Because a leftist U.S. president like Clinton pursues bad policy, a conservative president should not be compelled to honor it.

    Whether it is right or wrong, Obama has made it clear he will reverse Bush's foreign policy in Iraq. It may well be a disaster and lead to chaos but he seems eager to reverse it. I submit to you, we might have been looking at a solid, respectable conservative this November had Bush not pursued Clinton's leftist policies visa vis Israel. G-d is not going to bless the Republican (largely conservative Christian) party for this betrayal, in my opinion. Thus we've got McCain. Peggy Noonan is right. Limbaugh is wrong. McCain is not going to destroy the Republican party. Bush already destroyed it; as Republicans and Republican leaders silently looked on, Bush destroyed it.

  4. The author of Kohellet (who was it? Solomon?) had it right with respect to America's current political field. Whether it be President McCain, President Obama or President Clinton, next January, folly will be set in an exalted place:

    There is an evil I have seen under the sun, like an error which goes forth from the ruler-- folly is set in many exalted places while rich men sit in humble places.
    I have seen slaves riding on horses and princes walking like slaves on the land.

  5. By gum, you know how to hit the nail on the head.
    Why do we always try to appease evil?
    It seems to be a trait with the west, mainly anglo saxon, are we affraid of the wrath we are capable of if cornered?

  6. Defender, it's a real problem but not simply anglo saxon, it's a problem in civilizations that have lost their way and no longer have any moral certainty and have too much prosperity which causes them to choose appeasement over defense

    israel is suffering from the same thing

  7. Steve,

    I realize you feel betrayed by Bush but there is no excuse for allowing Brezinski and his Green Belt policies which created the Ayatollah run Iran access to the White House. As bad as McCain is, it would take a David Duke to equal an Obama.

    I was never one of Bush's Rah Rah supporters and I did expect this from Bush. I always expect it from Republicans, for God's sake, do I really need to relist everything Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan did?

    I supported Bush when Bush followed the right policies. He was an improvement over his father and he still is. Republicans are not some sort of magic button, these days they're simply a slightly better version of Democrats. Most realistic people on the right understand this and try to change it from the inside.

    I'm disappointed by what's gone on, but I'm hardly ready to give up. I'm certainly not ready to let the country go to hell or embrace this kind of equivalence you're selling.

    If you've followed American politics on Israel, then you should have known that Bush's policies are Clinton's policies slightly watered down, just as Clinton's policies were Bush Sr.'s policies amped up and Bush Sr.'s policies were Reagan's policies amped up and Reagan's policies were Carter's policies watered down and Carter's policies were Nixon's policies amped up and so on and so forth...

    you do the math

  8. Sultan, you wrote: "it's no surprise that Muslims have adopted Nazi tactics and Kosovo and its Muslim population that had formerly collaborated with the Nazis, is...."

    Where can I find a good source for this collaboration. I've got books on the Catholic church and Nazi Germany, Pope Pius II and his silence, even complicity in my view. Clearly the Croat Catholics (Ustaha?) collaborated with the Nazis. I know the Orthodox Christian Serbs were with the allies. Where were the Muslims? Did they join with the al-Husseini, the mufti?

  9. The prophet wrote: "I will gather all the nations And bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; And they have divided up My land."

    I am beginning to wonder why you do portions from our Jewish Bible. Why do you, since it does not appear to make any difference one way or another?

    Don't you understand the significance of what this monster, George W. Bush has done to Israel, to the land of Israel? Even if we take your position that Sharon did this of his own accord with no Administration pressure, Bush was right there by his side all the way through this. Now he has moved on to Olmert. Corrupt Olmert; Bush's puppet prime minister.

    Christian President Bush, with full Republican party and conservative Christian support, is the first American president to divide G-d's land; or taking your position, the first to oversee the division of G-d's land.


    Sharon admits that American pressure determines retreat policy
    By David Bedein August 9, 2005

    The U.S. Department has made it clear to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: It wants the Jews out of the Katif district of Gaza by August 15th, with no delays or excuses....."

    Please do not tell me the U.S. State Department and Secretary of State act independent from the president. Please do not tell me the U.S. Secreatary of State sets her own foreign policy without the president's knowledge or approval.

  10. steve, not only is this off topic in this post, but we've gone over this time and time again because you're not reading what I'm saying

    the one thing you're focused on is George Bush and you refuse to listen or hear any context, which makes repetitions of this increasingly pointless

    I understand the significance of this quite well. Some of us weren't working for the Republican party. Some of us saw this coming under Bush Sr and even Reagan and were fighting it all along. Some of us were lying down in the streets in the 90's. Some of us didn't wake up in 2000 something and decide that Bush was the devil, because we knew that THIS HAD BEEN POLICY ALL ALONG and we were fighting it all along.

    Is that clear enough for you?

    "Please do not tell me the U.S. State Department and Secretary of State act independent from the president. Please do not tell me the U.S. Secreatary of State sets her own foreign policy without the president's knowledge or approval."

    actually that's exactly what the State Department and the foreign affairs professionals have been doing for some time. You might want to remember the NIE or if that gives way, try looking up Breckinridge Long or George Marshall or John Foster Dulles or Henry Kissinger.

    Do you think the average State Governor moves into the White House with a good grounding in foreign affairs. It's their advisors who set the tone and their advisors have had the same damned agenda for longer than Israel has existed. This is what we've been really fighting for some time domestically, that foreign affairs consensus.

  11. albanian muslims served in large numbers for the nazis as part of the creation of greater albania


  12. "actually that's exactly what the State Department and the foreign affairs professionals have been doing for some time ("act independent from the president"). You might want to remember the NIE or if that gives way, try looking up Breckinridge Long..."

    Why do you do this to me? I've been reading about this Assistant Secretary of State --- with jurisdiction over refugee and immigration problems -- for the past couple of weeks. Long's harsh implementation of immigration law was in full accord with Franklin D. Roosevelt's wishes. Roosevelt "insisted on living up to the letter of the immigration law, maintaining that restrictionist elements in the Congress would block any reform."

    Five days after Kristallnacht, 1938, at a White House press conference, a reporter asked the President, "Would you recommend a relaxation of our immigration restrictions so that the Jewish refugees could be received in this country?"

    "That is not in contemplation," replied the President. "We have a quota system."

    As goes Roosevelt and his State Department, so goes Bush and his State Department.

    Why do you try to make all kinds of excuses for this evil president Sultan?

  13. The Roosevelt administration was against accepting Jewish refugees, but Long significantly superseded his authority. He had that in common with the rest of those I listed.

    "Why do you try to make all kinds of excuses for this evil president Sultan?"

    What you can't seem to grasp or refuse to grasp is that I'm not making excuses for Bush, I'm looking at larger issues than your sense of betrayal aimed at Bush.

    "Why do you do this to me?"

    No, the better question is why you do this to me. Why do I have to deal with this in the comments section of every single post regardless of the topic?

  14. Why do I have to deal with this in the comments section of every single post regardless of the topic?>>>

    Because I am obsessed with this evil monster. He's got it in for the Jews; I've got it in for him. That's why. If you don't want to deal with it, then don't publish my comments on Bush.

    No one will ever know, other than you, me and the Almighty.

  15. If you're obsessed with it, make a blog on the topic. I've given you a lot of leeway because I understand your anger, but you've crossed into rudeness and abusive behavior and I don't have the spare time or energy to deal with this. I don't get paid for blogging and I do my best to put out an article quality post a day. I don't have time to do with that and deal with this too. Today I failed to produce a post because of you and this really has to end one way or another.

  16. hehe, Israel, Anglo saxon..hmmm.Same attitudes.. hmm.. wonder why. LOL. Oh well you know what I think ;)

  17. Bush doesnt have anything "in for the Jews". He simply does not have a Jewish perspective on Israel.
    He does not believe tanakh or that Israel has a right to Israel.
    His view is to make peace in the world through war or concession.
    He is not alone on this. Olmert goes along with this.
    Its that they do not believe tanakh, thats it. Not evil George out to specifically destroy Israel.

  18. Makes you really long for Hashem to finally send Moshiach and spare the world being taken over by something so disgusting as a muzlim.

  19. Amen to that, Yobee. It's like we're heading into a Muslim version of the Crusades...or another Nazi era. Regardless of the name, the world is heading into another era of unspeakable horror.

    I hope Moshiach comes soon.

  20. Sultan, it is off topic and it isn't.

    George W. Bush's obsession is to establish a Palestinian jihadist state in the Holy Land. It is very much related to his recognition of Kosovo independence.

    Bush and his administration's recognition of ethnic Albainian independence has emboldened the Palestinian jihadists and jihadists worldwide. One PA minister this week indicated the PLO may, like Kosovo, unilaterally declare independence; declare an independent Palestinian state.

    Canadian Free Press (today)


    US Supports Terror State
    Bush Adminstration Unites with Al Qaeda in Kosovo

    By Paul Williams Thursday, February 21, 2008

    America’s war on terror has come full circle.

    By pledging his support of Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia, President George W. Bush has sanctioned the genocide of thousands of Serbian Christians in the Balkans and the creation, thanks to al Qaeda, of a radical Muslim state at the doorway to Europe.

    After announcing their independence from Serbia on February 16, thousands of ethnic Albanians (Muslims) took to the streets waving American flags and singing patriotic songs....."

    Mr. Bush and the Republicans are doing everything in their power to dismantle and to destroy Israel. How can we expect HaShem to bless the Republicans? I am sorry if you consider this truth rude and abusive.

  21. Steve, you're preaching to the choir here.

    This goes beyond Bush. It's become and possibly has been American policy for a long time. The US government has never gone out of its way to defend Israel--other than perhaps political gain.

    Israel needs to have allies, yes, but it must be strong and lose sight of its one best interests.

    Basically, Israel needs to stop being the Uncle Tom of the world.

  22. OOPS! I meant to say Israel must NOT lose sight of its best interests!!

  23. keli ata, I knew what you meant.

  24. German fascism has conquered Kosovo. Herr Klinton was a useful idiot (and paid prostitute) of the German-Jesuit's grand design to revive the unholy Roman Empire of the German Nation - Germany's Fourth Reich.


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