Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Israel's Survival is Not Assured

If you must remember one thing in the coming days, remember that. The survival of the Jewish people is assured, the survival of this current incarnation of Medinat Yisrael is not. We have reclaimed Israel before only to lose it.

Lag Baomer contains the remnants of the original Yom Yerushalayim, the bows and torches are all that remain of the day the Jewish people took back the holy city from Rome. If Yerushalayim falls again, what will remain of this era's Yom Yerushalayim?

The attempts to take back Israel did not end with Bar Kochba and Betar, though that is what most are taught. We tried again in the 3rd century and were slaughtered. In the 6th century we allied together with the Persian Empire and reclaimed parts of Israel and Yerushalayim for half a year before the Byzantine Empire retook it again.

Each time Israel fell it did not merely fall because of the enemy's superior force, it fell because of treachery from within, it fell because of infighting, it fell because we were weakened by fighting each other and by those factions and figures among those who chose to collaborate with the enemy. All three times that Yerushalayim fell beginning with Bayit Sheini, it fell due to infighting and treachery from within. It is not at all to take a look at Israel today and see that same phenomenon at work. The traitors and collaborators sit in the seats of power. The Hellenists and those who would settle for Yavneh and let Yerushalayim fall, are at the wheel again.

The day has passed when we could count on our leaders. The day has passed when we could count on someone else to stand up and do what we will not. The day is passing and the gates are opening but they are not gates of prayer but gates of wrath.

It is important above all else to remember that the survival of Israel, this piece of land we have struggle for and fought to carve out against the hostile force of man and historical inertia, is not assured. It is a nation, if we can hold it. If it is not, then exile waits again on the side of the gates.


  1. Sadly, with each exile, thousands died in the process.

    We've seen enough death. We need Hashem to finally send Moshiach and end the bloody mess. There's no other answer. There's no other hope of survival.

  2. Anonymous17/10/07

    How true.

    A very good book is called, "A time to Weep." It was published around the late 1980's. It gathered a lot of information about the time before and after the destruction of The Second Temple.

    Basically you are so right to point out that we had several false starts and many Jews were killed in the process. Also, we had many internal enemies. We were/are our own worst enemies.

    My personal fear is that to many Jews (and Bible believing Christians) will be devastated should Israel be wiped out again. While the nation will exist what will happen to people who view Israel as an assured Biblical prophecy? Will there be mass rejection of tradition?

    The is a real risk that most Jews will abandon the faith. The remaining Jews may loss the ability to sustain themselves. Losing Israel may not kill the Jewish People, but it may lead to its end.

  3. Anonymous17/10/07

    PS you are starting to sound like the way I feel. Drpressed, angry and helpless. In theory we should all become soldiers and fight. But, we are old and scared. All I have left is prayer. May G-d have mercy on his chosen people.

  4. Well I hope its held onto.
    Many paid too much to make it a home once again.

  5. Anonymous19/10/07

    bible-beleiving christian=oxymoron