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Greater Than the Sins of War Are the Sins of Peace

Greater Than the Sins of War Are the Sins of Peace
For in War Terrible Things are Done to the Enemy
But in the Pursuit of Peace, Things Twice Terrible
Are Done To the Nation and to One's Brethren

Once again the planes take off, not for war but for peace. Conferences are carried on behind closed doors, secret proposals are put on the table and portions of them are leaked to test for the public's reaction. Phony surveys are commission that declare that %42 of Israelis are prepared to give up Gaza, Yehuda, Shomron, Yerushalayim, Israel and their own lives in exchange for peace. Another %5 percent are undecided.

We have seen this show before. The actors change, the gallery shifts uneasily, the curtain rises on rubble and burned bodies, on wreaths of peace and international awards. We have seen the show before it never seems to end but plays on in this theater of the damned.

It is always well received by the world's press which immediately comments that the final solution is near, if only Israel is prepared to sacrifice some more. Israel which refused to reclaim the Har Habayit and resume the sacrifices to G-d, now sacrifices to the enemy instead.

The burned offerings we bring are the bodies of our children, the severed limbs of our women and the earth of our land and the stones of our cities. All these we offer imploringly to the enemy in exchange for peace and the world audience claps, wipes a stray tear and like the spectators of the Roman arenas at which the captives of Yerushalayim fought for their lives-- demand more.

This theater will not end, until it concludes in one of three ways.

Either those forces perpetuating the drama of peace will be democratically overthrown or undemocratically overthrown or Israel will be overthrown. Those are the only three options there are and the only three options there ever were.

A Democratic overthrow requires booting out all the appeasement parties, including phony right wing parties like Yisrael Beiteinu and minimizing the electoral victories of the Haredi parties. It means making it clear that this a struggle between two widely divergent sides and it means getting a foothold in every community in Israel, it means an organized counter-propaganda effort using radio, the press and the internet. It means a large scale of confrontational protests and activism that shuts down parts of the government. It means looking at the Orange Revolution and the fall of Ceausescu and the East German government for tactics because this will not be a merely Democratic struggle but one conducted against a regime embedded by lies, that is profoundly un-Democratic and ruthless toward its opponents.

An Un-Democratic overthrow requires either a coup or waging a rapid civil war by overthrowing enough of the mechanisms of government and its political leadership to take power in a provisional government and put on trial those responsible for the last 15 years of treason and terror. Again the lesson of the fall of Ceausescu is instructive here, an out of touch corrupt government combined with mass protests that defeat the regime's intelligence apparatus and an overrun of the centers of power can accomplish the seemingly impossible. It is vitally important to remember that the overthrow of Ceausescu began with unrelated street protests that mushroomed when outside activists joined in and spread out of control. The perception of Ceausescu's loss of power and authority by his own corrupt henchmen led to the collapse of his regime.

The third option is the annihilation of Israel. We have been there before and as for what is to come, Uri Tzvi Greenberg said it best.

And I say: If your generation will be slow
And will not grasp in its hands and forcibly mold its future
And in fire will not come with the Shield of David
Judea will not arise.
And you will be living slaves to every foreign ruler
Your houses will be straw for the sparks of every wicked one.
And your trees will be cut down with their ripe fruit.
And a man will react the same as a babe
To the sword of the enemy -


  1. Brilliant article, and extremely sobering. It should wake a lot of people up from their apathy.

  2. Anonymous16/10/07

    it means an organized counter-propaganda effort using radio, the press and the internet. It means a large scale of confrontational protests and activism that shuts down parts of the government.

    Propaganda through Israeli media is problematic as it is under the tight grip of the Left. Look what they did to Arutz Sheva.

    I'm sure you realize that if there are big confrontational protests in Israel under the present governmnent, Jews will die. After Amona I think that's pretty clear. I'm not disagreeing with you I'm just stating a fact.

  3. the one constant in the last two decades of israeli government policy is that jews will die... no matter what

  4. Anonymous16/10/07

    I hope I am not having a negative effect on you. As you know I have been hammering away at the concept that we need a pro-Jewish Party. Not specifically religious, but pro-tradition.

    Under the current conditions I am willing to have a people who aren't religious, but comfortable with Jewish history and tradition, involved. The platform must favor Jewish Rights in the "Land" and balance the budget.

    Your other suggestions will not work. First, the "World" is not going to allow a right wing revolt. The left-elite will call on the UN to overturn such an action. And, the world will love to jump in. Come to think of it, is that how the Romans got deeply involved in Judah. Two sons were competing for the KIngship and turned to Roman to decide. In the end we all lost.

    The only way to change things is using the same democratic process that put Hamas into play. We need a party that will represent the will of the people.

    Rushing to new elections before such a party is created will only re-elect the current leadership. As I have previously pointed out the current government won by default. Much of the voters did not vote, since there was no one to vote for. So what changed?

    That is why Labor isn't affraid of new elections. They see Kadima as being temporary. They know that their elk will come out and vote. They know that the anti-Labor masses has no one to vote for. Therefore, they figure that they will do very well.

  5. a popular democratic overthrow of the government would have to be broad based and take advantage of general discontent

  6. Anonymous16/10/07

    Technically you are right, but there isn't the organization in place to call it a popular broadbased democratic action. And, if there was such an entity then where is the Party to vote for? Again, the world is not going to allow a military overthrow of this government. The Left would call on other countries to step and a reverse such an outcome.

    There was a nice article in WorldNetDaily.com
    Rabbis urge: 'Save Jerusalem!'
    Leaders slam Olmert for 'willingness to divide Judaism's capital'
    October 16, 2007
    By Aaron Klein.

    Where were these people when Sharon threaten Gaza? I predict that this cry will be like a tree falling in a deserted desert. No one will take it seriously.

    Your blog is very good, but if you seriously want to change things you need to get to people who could and should organize an opposition party that the masses can vote for.

  7. Anonymous16/10/07

    why does someone hammer away at a pro jewish party anonymously.
    I find that just wrong and someone like that not to be taken seriously.
    If the person was for real they would have some sort of identity.
    What does he have to hide?

  8. Israel's problems are not political.
    You could elect anyone and nothing will change because politics are not the root of the problem

  9. Anonymous17/10/07

    Someone asked we I do not give my name. The Sultan does not give his name and many people use nick names. The name is out as important as the idea. My name does not add anything.

    Lemon makes a valid point. Even if a Right Wing party is elected there is still a lot the dumb Left can do. Currently they control the office of the President. They have the ear of the courts. The police and military seems heavily influenced by defeatism. And much of the media and higher education is under their control. So the cabinet can be proJewish while the technobrats push the Lefts agenda.

    To change things will likely require a super majority. Then the masses will have to stand up to the minority who controls the outcome, such as the courts.

    It will not be easy. But we do not have a lot of time. Olmert is just waiting for the right deal to sell Israel out. I think all the Left wants is to be assured personal freedom as a minority people in an Arab State. Essentially what was given to the Whites in South Africa.

    The added benefit for the antireligous Left is the end of a Jewish State would be used as proof that the Bible is false and that there is no Gd.

  10. You misunderstood me anonymous.
    I am not talking about politics at all.
    Both right and left are interchangeable in my estimation and neither is of any good .
    I am speaking of spiritual problems which are the ultimate root of Israel's woes.

  11. Anonymous18/10/07

    Sorry. You are generally correct about the lack of spirit on the right and left.

    There are some "right" spiritual people that want to establish a just system. For example, Rabbi Solovachek will not take any money from the government for Brisk. He sticks to his principals. However, there are many religious parties that will bend if the price is right. Of course, they justify this by saying most of the funds go to worthy causes. And, that G-d runs everything so it doesn't matter. The funny part is that after the leaders give they also take back by further budget cuts. See some of the comments about the latest budgets and how it has cut almost everything that goes to Yeshivot.

    Of course, there is nothing to speak about when discussing the Left.


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