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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Coulter, Dawkins, Sunrise and Sunset

Another week has gone, Rosh Chodesh is here and as we celebrate the new month, which is also a sort of Yom Kippur Kattan because this is a leap year, we pray for forgiveness and for a better month. May those prayers come true and be heard.

Meanwhile in the world where unimportant things are considered important, Ann Coulter's comments about Jews are eliciting heaps of outrage from Liberal Jews. The very same people who can barely be bothered to yawn when Iran plots genocide and Hamas continues its terror, are deeply upset because a pundit expressed what virtually all Christians believe, both Republican and Democrat.

Meanwhile Richard Dawkins, patron saint of atheists, revealed that he thinks Jews run America. Because of course just because you're a rationalist and secular humanist, doesn't mean you can't offensively stereotype Jews and lend credence to bigotry. But then again Richard Dawkins has been taking shots at Jewish beliefs and practices for a while now while his Jewish apologists were too busy defending his ideas to object to the type of language and rhetoric that was being used.

Al Gore has received a Nobel Prize because the Nobel Prize Committee will give it to anyone whom they think will demonstrate their opposition to America. I'm guessing Michael Moore will be next.

Meanwhile in this week's blog roundup, over at IsraPundit, Ted Belman has Elyakim Haetzni's piece on the Campaign to save Jerusalem, the capital of Israel Some of his proposals include the following

1. Jerusalem must be at the heart of the campaign, the Holy City that still elicits deep feelings in the hearts of most Jews. The words “If I forget you, O Jerusalem” shall be the campaign’s motto, displayed on banners ( orange – two blue stripes with “If I Forget Thee” between them), stickers, badges, and bracelets. The prevention of the division of Jerusalem has the extra benefit that it will deadlock the talks over any other part of Eretz Israel.

2. We will paint the streets that Olmert has designated to be the borders between Jewish and “Palestinian” Jerusalem. To accentuate the message, signs, displaying “Border in front of you” and “Warning, you may be shot from the top of the walls”, shall be hung up along these streets.

3. Brochures and signs will be positioned on Mount of Olives warning: “This area is to be transferred to the Arabs: Where are the dead to be transferred?”

This is a piece well worth reading in its entirety here.

-- At Daled Amos, it appears that after Columbia invited a certain Iranian wannabe Nazi, the Oxford Debating Society is inviting Holocaust denier David Irving.

-- Lemon Lime Moon has a thought provoking post on the real origin of Caanan son of Ham and what really happened between Ham and Noah.

Many of the nations that surround Israel are children of incest and immorality from their very beginning. Ammon and Moav are the children of an incestuous relation. It seems the family of Canaan kept the tradition alive throughout the entire area and not just among Canaanites. But, even the Canaanite religion was perverted and the rituals towards their gods involved incest. All of their gods were also involved in incest.
-- Keli Ata has her own response to Ann Coulter with Shut Up Ann Coulter and a great post on Muslim veils and the Western approval of them and their real implications

I'd take it a step further than that. The goal is to make the women disappear. From the simple scarf worn around the head to the head-to-black burka that covers all in black except a woman's eye, the barbaric dress code turns these women into Cheshire cats that slowly blend into the dark abyss until they are either arrested and tortured for abandoning the dress code or become the victims of honor killings for immodesty.

I found a disturbing video on You Tube which first shows a placid Iranian President Ahmadinejad talking about human rights in his country with a tone that makes him sound like Mr. Rogers telling a bedtime story. Next, undercover footage of an Iranian woman getting arrested for violating the nation's dress code. Her blood-curdling screams are difficult to listen to. You can only imagine what happened to her after she was arrested. In the footage that follows it, women wearing headscarfs and hassled and even arrested by police for little more than showing their bangs.

At 3:08 minutes into the video you can a see a young woman with her scarf entirely off her head, sort of wraped around her shoulders. The look of abject terror and tearfulness says it all.

But meanwhile over at Mystical Paths, Akiva has a ray of hope to offer us with Sunrise or Sunset

Is it sunrise, or sunset? Is the day about to get brighter, or be plunged into darkness? Will we stand to light the way, or hide in a darkened corner? We cannot know. All we know is that we will have to upset our comfortable corner.
Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov. A new week and a new month are here.


  1. Anonymous13/10/07

    This is a comment that actually deals with several essays that you have recently written.

    I came across a very interesting article called the Jonah Dilemma. It was printed in the Washington Times (Washington DC).

    The premise of the article is that Jonah was unique in that people were told the outcome and why the prophecy was averted.

    The article went on to point out that this dilemma has confronted leaders many times.

    Churchill is lauded for his warning that the Nations of the World need to stop Germany. His prediction was correct. However, his greatness rest not on his success but on the outcome. He was ignored and after the facts was found to be correct.

    Truman was told that it would take a million (dead) US solders to take Japan. Of course, this did not include the large numbers of Japanese that would die too. Instead he opted to drop two atomic bombs that killed many people but likely saved many more. Yet, today the new-historians vilify Truman for what he did.

    What is the difference? In the first case we know what happened while in the second case the people saved are only in theory.

    Why do we honor Jonah when the death of Nineveh did not take place? A new-historian (atheist) could say that even if the people had not repented nothing bad would have occurred since we know that no harm came to them.

    The reason why Jonah is held in great esteemed is only because people seriously believe the original prophecy. Atheists find it a cute story with a nice moral foundation. But, they don't see that Jonah "changed" history.

    Today Bush is in the midst of the same dilemma. Did he really save America and the western world from a worse faith? Lacking a crystal ball or prophecy it is impossible to say. We can say that Clinton’s lack of action didn't quiet Islamofascist. But, who is to say what would have been or what is around the next corner.

    This dilemma has a similar role to play in the Middle East. For those who have a lack of belief in G-d the role for a modern State of Israel is of little value. People living there can do just as well as a citizen of a secular Arab State as a member of a Jewish State. The key is simply "acceptance." This was the hope that the Left had when negotiating with the PLO. This is why the so called "Peace of the Brave," whereby Jews are murdered during the transition to an Arab State, is acceptable. But, the same people mostly (but not all - see recent called by the elite to talk to Hamas) reject Hamas. Hamas is unwilling to form a secular State in which citizens may be something other then Muslims. So the terrorist Fatah is called “moderate” while Hamas is hard-line.


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