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Britain Cries: Boycott Israel Not Hamas

When Hamas won elections in the Palestinian Authority, it should have been rather clear to everyone the world over that the Palestinian Arabs had made their choice and they had chosen murderous terrorists who rejected peace and would accept only truces in a larger war.

Some European countries, primarily prodded by the United States, did agree to cut ties with the new ruling authorities in Gaza and boycott Hamas. But months and months have gone by and their little feet are itching to run back to Hamas again. Now the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee is arguing that the British boycott of Hamas was a very big mistake.

The committee warns that the boycott of Hamas will only "further jeopardize peace". What peace and with whom is left unresolved as Hamas has no interest in peace only in conquest. But reflexive language like that was used by parliamentarians arguing for diplomatic relations with Hitler, so why should anything have changed in six decades and change.

There's the usual boilerplate about engaging the "moderate elements" in Hamas which is a little like telling a man being attacked by an alligator to try to find the least sharpest teeth in the alligator's mouth. The summation of the report is to give Hamas everything it wants by pushing for a new unity government, relations with the West and diplomatic status complete with special attention from Mr. Blair.

But the real irony is that at a time when Britain is full of movements to boycott Israel, it is at the same time full of cries not to boycott Hamas. The same fraudulent lovers of humanity who cry in outrage over Israel's "crimes" also cry to lift the boycott from Hamas, which has unleashed an orgy of violence and maintains a theocratic state right down to forced conversions of Christians.

The cry in Britain is "Boycott Israel Not Hamas."

Meanwhile Shahid Malik, Britain's first Muslim minister and the new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development across the world, including the Middle East and in Israel, flies around the Arab world. Shahid Malik began his career after he was arrested during Muslim vs British riots in Lancashire in 2001 and was shown bloodied on camera, which garnered public sympathy. From there he made it to MP and now in a few years is already in the cabinet. Shahid Malik served as an election monitor for the Hamas elections in 2006, raised a storm over Israel's attack on Hizbullah and is cunning enough to make occasional statements about how terrible the Holocaust was. Now Shahid Malik will have millions of pounds from British taxpayers to hand out to his terrorist friends.

Perhaps the cry instead should be, Boycott Britain and Hamas.


  1. Anonymous14/8/07

    It is my understand that a lot of the current situation is thanks to the British. Who was it who made Hussein the Mufti of Jerusalem? Who, as you described in the British neutrality in Hevron, lead the Arabs to believe that they could have the entire Palestine.

    I suggest that people go to the blog "Israel End Times" for a more detailed history of British involvement.

    There was also an interesting article detailing the British Record on Partition printed in the May 8, 1948 edition of "The Nation." Unfortunately, the magazine did not reprint that particular article on their website.

  2. Anonymous14/8/07

    I read a news article on this earlier today, but I never got around to posting on it. Amazing how stupid some people can be.

  3. It truly boggles my mind, but as I begin to understand the entire British Mandate and Britian's support for the Arabs it makes "sense." I use the word sense loosely here.

    A decade, maybe two and Britian will be begging the US and Israel to rescue it from Muslim invaders.

  4. Anonymous14/8/07

    Britain has to go against Yisrael in this one. Who is Britain? Edom, right? Yes, and Esau has oil interests in none other than Basra. We of Eretz Yisrael have nothing to offer them: nothing but Yerushalayim. Britain fears the massing of Yishmael, the targeting of his installations, his refineries for the fat of the earth, the crude that keeps the thirsty Rolls-Royces guzzling and Big Ben chiming.

    Britain wishes for Yerushalayim to fall to the deadly weapons of diplomacy and internal dissension.

    Britons need not attack if they can cajole Rice, Gates, George W., Brown, SS Pope Ratzinger, and any other "hand puppets" they converse with to convince Israel to "Red Hot Chili Pepper" Yerushalayim. ie: give it away, now.

    Why do you think that UN, EU, and U.S. troops have not been based or quartered in Yerushalayim yet? Did anyone wonder that one? I phrase the answer as a question: Why place your soldiers into possible contention with the arab hordes when you want them (the arab hordes) to take care of your "problem" (us, the Jews)?

    C'mon, guys! Didn't anyone see "Beneath the Planet of the Apes?" The black guy told James Franciscus, "We don't kill our enemies, Mr. Brent, we get our enemies to kill each other!"

    If that is not British Foreign policy toward us Jews in a nutshell, I don't know what is.

    That's O.K. They didn't want us to have control of the land that the Living G-D gave to us? Well, we do...again. And what is England? A run-down, industrial waste filled, burnt out old European whore with a porcelain facade. She's a smiling china doll filled with maggots...with diseased cattle and livestock that produces no exports of any value. The middle east has exported humanity to England in the manner that Mexico has done to the U.S., so "noble" Britannia faces a loss of identity as well.
    Sometimes G-D's justice moves over a longer period of time, but accomplishes more than any solid war could. Watch England deflate and perish! Her pagan king to sit a jeweled throne overlooking a vast plain of industrial dung!

    Let'em come. Place your faith in G-D. If their king and his people wage war against us, G-D has promised they will perish. If they do not repent...they will feel the hand of His Torah upon the base of their neck.
    Sorry I wrote so much.
    Yesha Galluzzo

  5. I like reading your comments, Yesha.

    And the analogy of 'Beneath the Planet of the Apes' was an excellent one.

    It triggered a memory in me as well. Watching the carnage and wrecked WTC on September 11 I did have a flash of the final scene in the original 'Planet of the Apes' where Charelton Heston is on the beach and slowly sees the top of the fallen Statue of Liberty and his agonizing..."You did it. You finally did it. Damn you all. Damn you all to hell."

    If liberals dare let that happen to Yerushalayim...well, I'd say that to them for even considering putting G-d thrown in danger.

  6. The Brits called for a boycott and America said, "Oh goodie!!! Now we can finally label hamas the way we want - a politcal party. We'll pretend to be against them, in the meantime, we'll pass weapons and money to them through the back door."

    It all comes down to the tradition of the goyiim - rid the world of the Jews one way or the other. Some are sneaky about it, and others are just in your face.

  7. "It all comes down to the tradition of the goyiim - rid the world of the Jews one way or the other. Some are sneaky about it, and others are just in your face."

    I don't think broad excoriation of the "goyim" is really fair anymore. I mean, after all, there is Olmert, a Jew, giving Jewish land away; there is Sharon, a Jew, giving Jewish land away (there is Abraham Foxman, a Jew, condoning this perfidious concession publicly); there is Barak, a Jew, giving Jewish land away; there is Silverstein, a Jew, encouraging terrorists at their genocidal tradecraft; there is Norman Finkelstein, a Jew, equating Israel with the Nazis and purporting that the Holocaust was not such a peculiar evil after all.

    Non of these people were of the goyim, but they have all contributed, whether explicitly or otherwise to the "tradition" of "rid[ding] the world of the Jews."

    Geoffrey Wheatcroft writes in The Controversy of Zion that "...in the late 1970s, the Israeli authorities surreptitiously encouraged what was then the little-known Hamas Islamic movement in Gaza and the West Bank as a counter-balance to secular PLO. The law of unintended consequences duly took its course." Consider this gross imprudence when you think again to condemn all gentiles outright.

    In my opinion, the reality of this present world, "pregnant with threats" (to borrow a term from Primo Levi)necessitates that when you use the word "world" it should not necessarily mean only the goyim. It should mean inclusively also those certain Jews who have publicly repudiated the Torah ideal of Israel and the unity of the Jewish people.

    I had warned my Jewish friends that they would see--perhaps in the near future, perhaps farther on--the "law of unintended consequences" take its course as a result of Jews allowing "Christian Zionists" (an oxymoron, in my opinion) to meddle in the affairs of Israel. The knavery of George Bush and Condoleeza Rice has affirmed my predictions as accurate. The bottom line is: Jews must be more careful now, when the whole world--Isalm included--is arrayed against their Israel, in choosing their friends; and also more careful about not insulting those non-Jewish friends who prove themselves faithful to exclusively Jewish aspirations.

    "He who has friends must be friendly."

  8. "A decade, maybe two and Britian will be begging the US and Israel to rescue it from Muslim invaders."

    A decade, maybe two, and the entire world, US and Israel included (G-D forbid!), will be begging G-D to rescue it from Muslim invaders. Remember, as Ajai Sahni warned, there is no locus of Islamic terrorism--it is wherever there are "believers", and the US has many of those already. Think Dearborne, Michigan.

  9. I am not condemning entire groups of people, jewish or non-jewish

    israel did not create or finance hamas, those conspiracy theories come packaged from the same people who claim america was behind iraq, india is behind terrorism in kashmir and russia is behind terrorism in Chechnya... it's another ploy to give muslim terrorists a pass and condemn the countries they target for the crimes directed against them

  10. "israel did not create or finance hamas, those conspiracy theories come packaged from the same people who claim america was behind iraq, india is behind terrorism in kashmir and russia is behind terrorism in Chechnya..."

    For the record, Sultan, I did not purport any such "conspiracy theories" nor have I ever read where Geoffrey Wheatcroft purported them either.

    Wheatcroft used the term "surreptitiously encouraged" which, in my humble opinion, does not infer in any way that Israel "created or financed" Hamas. Heaven forbid.

    My point is that especially now Jews and their friends must keep it together and maintain a unity in order to fight against a common enemy, which is Islam. It's kind of like the old Yiddish proverb, "Umglik bindt tsunoif." Misfortune binds together. We're all in this together, those of us who have our heads on straight, and so it is in our best interests to avoid offending each other.

    May G-D crush the enemies of Israel.

  11. Britain is not Edom.. come on . learn something

  12. I just want to be sure to say that if you wish for someones destruction, be very very sure that you yourself are perfect first.

  13. "Britain is not Edom.. come on . learn something"

    I have no idea what this statement is referring to. "learn something"???

    "I just want to be sure to say that if you wish for someones destruction, be very very sure that you yourself are perfect first."

    Nor do I understand the meaning of this statement. "be very sure that you yourself are perfect first."??? Come again?

  14. Lemon, my sagacious friend, come teach me something!

  15. It is no surprise that here in Britain the prevailing sentiment is pro Hamas, pro Palestinian and virulently anti Israel.

    And to correct 'hockey hound' - it's nothing to do with the Christian zionists. Which, by the way, it not an 'oxymoron'. A zionist is anyone who supports Israel's right to exist. There are zionists of all faiths and no faith.

    The problem in Britain is the unholy alliance between the left wing groups and the Pro Palestinian factions. The left is against anything it views as 'imperialistic' and has swallowed hook, line and sinker the notion that Israel is an 'imperialist entity'.

    Things are very bad here; there has been a series of physical attacks on Jews, pre-dating Operation Cast Lead but intensifying since the start of that op.

    We also have the problem that the BBC, on which many still rely for their news, has for years been passionately anti Israel. Indeed, there have been so many allegations of anti Israel bias that a few years ago, the BBC commissioned its *own* report - the Balen Report.

    The result?

    We don't know - the BBC has always refused to make the conclusions public. Right now, in fact, a London solicitor is in the process of suing the BBC over this matter; he recently won a hearing at the Court of Appeal.

    Last month, BBC Middle Eastern commentator Jeremy Bowen aka 'The Sheik', was found guilty of anti Israel bias.

    But despite all this, people still perceive the BBC as being even handed.

    Melanie Phillips does a superb job of dissecting the British attitude towards Israel in 'Londonistan'. She also documents the way in which London became a fertile recruiting ground for radical Islamic groups throughout the 1990s. Hizbut Tahrir, for instance, while banned in many Arab states, is allowed to freely operate in Britain.

  16. Anonymous1/9/11

    Better Shahid Malik in London than Shahid Malik in yaffo. In fact, I'd be willing the go give the Brits three million Shahid Maliks, since they love them so much. In fact, we can demand of the British to offer all Shahids a sylum, and buy them tickets to londonistan. So it makes no sense to boycott london. They are doing us a huge favor by taking in all those Shahids.
    Y Brandstetter MD


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