Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Note from the Author

This week my op-ed piece, "Librescu Repudiated The Cult Of The Victim" appears in the Jewish Press.

Additionally I've been nominated for the Jewish and Israeli Blog awards in several categories. Readers who like can vote for me here for Best Current Events Blog and Best Right Wing Blog here Thanks to all who nominated for me and voted for me, particularly Lemon Lime Moon and Linda of Something and Half of Something. Mr. Bagel meanwhile has a cartoon rendering of the JIB's.


  1. Congratulations on both the publication of your article and the nomination!

  2. Yup, yup, ditto!

    The only time I appear in the Jewish Press is when I iron my clothes.

  3. Mazel tov!

    And I just went and voted for you...even though you wear a towel on your head. (mischievious grin)

  4. thank you k.a. it's nice to be able to reach people

    lol @ lemon

    thanks friar

    don't worry yo, i only wear the towel to keep bugs away

  5. Excellent article on the brave Professor. He is still teaching his students. He is still teaching the thinking, reasoning world. I cannot stop thinking about him, nor can I stop talking about him to my son. Professor Lebescu truly walked with God, and he will walk with God for eternity.

  6. thank you jenny

    yes indeed, his classroom is now the world... those who wish to listen

  7. It's not a towel its a 300 count JC Penney bed sheet.. royal blue.