Politicians though increasingly build their promises on a government bureaucracy that will create an ideal society for it. This was a somewhat foreign approach to America where independence and self-reliance had always been considered primary virtues but a natural one in Europe where there had never been any real freedom, only a choice of overarching governments determined to intervene in every aspect of human life.

Where the American revolution went from a weak colonial government that rarely interfered much with their business to distant state and federal governments that rarely interfered with their business (indeed it had been the prospect of a colonial government that would interfere with their business that was the overall reason for the American revolution)

Europe made the transition from one unwieldy form of civil government under a monarchy that controlled every aspect of their lives to a republican form of civil government that controlled every aspect of their lives. Socialism was nothing more than an extension of the monarchy, the belief in the supremacy of the state as the solution for all national, social and individual problems.

Where monarchies operated through divine right with the King as the protector of his subjects, socialist tyrannies, whether it is the French Revolution's Assembly, FDR's New Deal or Huey Long's Louisiana or modern day Europe or the Democratic party, operate by 'right' of aiding the oppressed and dispossessed.

It is no real surprise why socialists and liberals support terrorism. Terrorism operates on the same principle as socialism and liberalism... by taking its moral justification from the defense of the oppressed for which any act is justifiable. Look back at the massacres of the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution, when the middle and upper class progressive politicians set the mob and secret police loose in the name of social reform and aiding the 'oppressed masses'. It is little wonder why the socialists and liberals of today take the Palestinian Arab side disregarding their mass murderers, because they operate by the same principles.


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