Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why We Fight - Israel, Hezbollah, the Palestinians and Samir Kuntar


  1. A menopausal moment with Yo: V'lad Impaler used to impale a specific part of his enemies anatomy to trees, etc. What I wouldn't give to do that to samir.

    Bless you menopause!

  2. Anonymous20/7/06

    I especially liked the picture of Samir with his arm around his *wife* there.
    What a terrificially ugly man he is. Looks like a wild eyed mexican on peyote!
    This is the filth that needs to be scoured from the world.
    The sludge from the bottom of the cess pool.

  3. Israel bears some fault for the Achille Lauro.
    Just like King Shaul they failed to kill the Agag and this is the result.
    This man should not still be alive after his first horrible crime.
    I think this shows as an object lesson what will happen if Israel does not finish the job with Hamas and Hizbolleh completely this time.
    They will allow even worse to come about if they don't.

  4. Why we fight---the reasons seem so obvious and yet few can or will see it.

  5. Samir truly is the scum of the earth deserving of the worst punishment possible.

  6. Anonymous21/7/06

    It is a powerful documentary film.

  7. Anonymous10/8/06

    Why does the world chose to cover their eyes from the truth?Why are Jews always the enemy and the scapegoat?Yet, even we (Jews) ourselves can be our own worst enemy.Will we ever be able to live a peacful existance with out taking it by force?

  8. Why is this "man" alive? Can you envision a Jew in "Palestinian" custody with the blood of this on his hands still around? Conjugal visits? Communication with...? What the F.....Wonder why? Bigger dead? Lend it to him slowly. I have to go bang my head against the wall now and think about...

  9. Anonymous11/8/06

    The world doesn't know about this follower of Satan who murdered that little girl.

    Send the story along with her photo to all the newspapers around the world.

  10. Maybe Israel should return this guy to Lebanon - just drop him off from about 32,000 feet.

  11. For many years I believed that America, not just Christians but also the government were staunch supporters of Israel with few exeptions. The first time when I had my doubts was when I read a tidbit out of a book that was promoted in "Israel Today" magazine. Just a few days ago I also understood that thanks to Reagan who I considered one of the greatest Presidents of the last century the PLO was safe guarded to Tunisia keeping Israel from crushing the PLO once and for all when they had them cornered in Beirut. What a shame. It's like that sample reading of that book said, the only friends that Israel has are American Christians. Doesn't say much for Bush though but then look at who is behind the scenes that enables candidates to get elected or not and I'm not talking about the stupid "Florida count".

  12. Anonymous12/9/06

    the man is a monster

  13. Anonymous4/2/07

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