Friday, July 07, 2006

Voice of America and Radio Liberty banned in Russia again

Much as had been the case in Communist times, Russian radio stations are now barred from rebroadcasting news reports from Voice of America and Radio Liberty. Russian TV stations have been brought under Putin's control. Newspapers and radio stations are quickly following suit.

Originally Voice of America and Radio Liberty served as independent voices reporting the news in opposition to the government propaganda of the Communist regime. They've come to serve that function again under Putin's revival of Russian tyranny and have accordingly been banned.

"Of the 30 affiliate stations Radio Liberty had in Russia in 2005, it now has only four, according to Trimble. Of the 42 stations that rebroadcast material from Voice of America in 2005, only five are still working with the organization"

And now there will be none... meanwhile Putin has been officially authorized to employ Russian military forces abroad...


  1. Scary stuff. A crack down on press freedoms is often a sign that other freedoms are in danger. Seems as though Putin is resorting to the old communist ways.

    All the while Putin is going around kissing young children (literally) trying to project an image of himself wholey opposite of what he truly is. Did anyone else see the footage of him kissing a young child of about 4 on the belly just because he thought the youngster was cute?


  2. I wrote about him doing that to the child on my blog.

    Only it was not a kiss.

    He was attempting to eat the child alive as he has done to many others.

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  3. LOL lemon. I will make it a point to read you several times a day.



    Hashem's Forever :)