Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Withdrawals have only begun

The EU envoy to the Middle East, Mark Otte, said in an interview appearing this weekend that Israel's recent uprooting of Jewish communities is a model for the rest of Samaria, Judea and Jerusalem.

Otte dismissed statements by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that Israel will retain large blocs of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria in any permanent arrangement with the Palestinian Authority. Such commitments, the European Union envoy asserted, are nothing more than "spin" intended for internal Israeli consumption.

In June, Mr. Otte defended European Union contacts with Hamas representatives, despite the organization being listed as a terrorist organization in EU countries, by saying that "if they are duly elected in free and fair elections under international supervision, you have to know what to do with elected representatives."


  1. Anonymous28/8/05

    Interesting. This and have a lot in common.

  2. The EU wants to be rid of Israel as does the Vatican. People forget the Vatican is a state.
    The Vatican has used Europe to fight its wars for them for a long time.
    They would love to control the temple mount, the thinking being that the religion who control it must be the one true legitimate religion.
    There is more and more talk about the EU being a restoration of the Holy Roman Empire, never a friend to Jews.
    The previous pope spoke of a Europe that goes back to its catholic heritiage of yesteryear, a revival of the old faith and a European empire from the Atlantic to the Urals.
    Israel and Judaism stand in the way since they point to some truths Europe and the Vatican would like you to forget.
    The crusades are not over yet boys and girls.