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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Massive Arrests Targeting Yad Leachim While Olmert Gets Chummy with Pope

While Olmert was meeting with the Pope, the Kol Ha'ir newspaper was reporting a massive wave of arrests targeting the Yad Leachim organization which combats missionaries and rescues Jewish women who wind up married to Arabs and trapped in Arab villages with their children.

Police burst into the home of Rabbi Alexander Artovsky and made numerous other arrests in connection with a complaint filed by an Arab whose Jewish wife divorced and used Yad Le'Achim activists to rescue her daughter from an Arab village.

The arrests included the mother who had said that the Arab had claimed to be a French Jew and once married locked her in their home and beat her. She left him and took their daughter to Ashdod, but he pursued her there and took her daughter back to his village.

Yad Le'Achim has frequently been targeted by missionaries but this unprecedented assault by the police reveals yet another wrinkle in Olmert's ongoing war against the Jews.


  1. It will get much worse before it gets better.
    The Vatican wants Jerusalem ..all of it and eventually all of Israel.

  2. Anonymous14/12/06

    How low can Olmert go? The Neturei Karta of Vienna's Erev Rav Moshe Aryeh Friedman (one of the inspirations for Creedmoor) is a crook and a complete fruitcake (the others are sincerely misguided from what I understand) - when he visits Iran, all he does is massage his well deserved inferiority complex by getting his addled, short, scrawny self a little more attention and press coverage.

    But Olmert is the real enemy. He, not Friedman, is out there destroying Jews and Judaism. And he does not even have to go to Iran to do his damage.

  3. The only way Israel will be safe from this missionaries is to state unapologetically that Israel is a 100-percent Jewish nation. Any politician that acts in a detrimental manner as Olmert has should be removed from office.

    Wonder what the Vatican is offering Olmert in exchange for a piece of Jerusalem?? I mean, if he can be bought off with an expensive pen, how much would it cost to bribe land from him?

    Arresting a rabbi...unforgiveable.



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