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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Looking Ahead to the Election Coverage of 2048

Election Coverage 2048 - Al-CNN

As the election of 2048 approaches, the candidates from both parties continue to exchange strong views on the issues that affect the lives of Americans. The Party of Democracy and Justice (Hezb-Al-Dimukratie-Wa'al Adalah) continues to maintain that the election will come down to social justice issues.

“With 34 percent unemployment and the price of goat so far out of range of most working families that they have been forced to switch to chicken, it is time that our opponents stopped dodging the issues and took a serious look at the economic consequences of their policies,” Bashar Mohammed Hussein Al-Hamdani, said during a campaign stop at a HalalBurger in Peoria, Illinois.

However the ruling Freedom and Religion Party (Hezb Al-Hurriyah Wa'al Allah) denounced this as class warfare. Still preoccupied with the ongoing occupation of the Netherlands and Greece, the party has taken criticism for ignoring the economic problems of the United States while being preoccupied with waging foreign wars in the name of Islam.

Nevertheless President Mohammed Al-Thani, fresh off a pilgrimage from Mecca, vigorously defended his record while conducting a photo op at a San Diego Madrassa. “The Freedom and Religion Party believes in creating opportunities, rather than offering hand outs. Our subjugation of infidel nations has opened up new territories to be dominated by the believers and our vigorous drive for national morality has revived the family unit as an economic force. Our program of heavily fining women who go out with their naked hair exposed and raising the Jizya tax on the People of the Book has also raised billions of dollars that will go toward repaying the nation 93 trillion dollar debt.”

The high Jizya tax has provoked outrage in some parts of the United States, but the continuing decline of the nation’s non-Muslim population has made the Christian vote much less of a factor in the election. Hamdani has promised to cut the Jizya tax by 20 percent if elected, but it is unclear whether conservative elements in his own party will allow him to do it. National surveys show that since making the proposal, Hamdani’s ratings have gone down 9 points in Illinois and 14 points in California.

President Al-Thani’s advisors view the 2 million conversions to Islam since the Jizya tax was tripled as a major benefit to the party which lost its Christian support during the Great Transition. Since then the Freedom and Justice Party has picked up a Christian and Jewish bloc vote, but the value of that bloc has not held up well over the last two elections.

Christian rights activists attribute the decline of American Christians to the Jizya tax which has made it impossible for many Christian families to earn a living. They also blame the bloody 2045 Riots which marked the end of the Christian presence in former strongholds such as Nashville and Cedar Rapids, as well as rumors about the kidnapping and forced conversion of Christian girls. 

However popular talk show host and pundit, Abdul Greene countered that the decrease was best explained by the large scale immigration of Christians out of the country. “The Christians are too bigoted to live in the same country with us, just like their parents and grandparents. If they can’t control the country, they refuse to live here and accept our laws.”

Christian rights activists have accused Greene of playing a major role in stirring up the 2045 Riots which torched Christian areas in major cities across the United States after a Christian man was accused of having an intimate encounter with a Muslim woman. Greene however insists that the Christians are the ones to blame. Greene's support of the Freedom and Religion Party has been controversial, but President Al-Thani has refused to disavow him.

The latest round of attacks by Greek guerrillas on liberation forces in Athens led to smaller attacks on Christian businesses in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles last month. They also accentuated the debate over the continuing occupation of Greece which began in 2031 when the United States government intervened to protect the territorial claims of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. Much as in the Netherlands, the intervention to protect a Muslim community turned into a full blown occupation and a war against an insurgency that is believed to be backed and supplied by rogue states such as the breakaway Arctic Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Zionist Entity.

The Freedom and Religion Party under President Al-Thani continues to take the position that American prosperity is closely linked to the welfare of the rest of the Muslim world. In the State of the Union address the president stated that, "We cannot repeat the folly of the Americans of the pagan period who believed that they could have material wealth without religion. Our prosperity comes from Allah and it is only by spreading the way of Allah and conducting our Jihad in the way of Allah on behalf of our endangered brothers and sisters in Europe and Asia that we will be deserving of Allah's bounty."

Hoping to exploit the widespread economic dissatisfaction, Hamdani, a former Wisconsin governor, has promised to withdraw troops from Greece within two years and the Netherlands within five years with the majority of remaining liberation forces being drawn from other Muslim countries. "We can best aid our fellow believers in the Muslim world by being a model of stability and a beacon of tolerance."

 Yusuf Al-Amiriki, a member of Hamdini's foreign policy defense team and a first generation convert descended from two American presidents, courted controversy with a proposal to set up a coalition government of Muslim and moderate Christian groups in the Netherlands. Such governments had been tried in Europe before during the 2030's, but invariably fell apart. Leading Senators from the Freedom and Justice Party accused Hamdani of selling out Muslim interests in order to court the Christian vote. Hamdani's spokeswoman, Aisha Zubedi, has refused to comment on the Amiriki proposal except to say that Hamdani was open to any solution that would restore peace to the people of the Netherlands and protect the rights of European Muslims.

Hamdani courted further controversy by appearing at the funeral of former President Bob Thompson. Thompson had served two terms and while his administration had worked hard on outreach to the Muslim world, he also engaged in the targeted murder of Muslim religious leaders and provided aid to the Zionist entity. For these reasons, President Al-Thani chose not to appear at his funeral even though President Thompson had been a member of the pre-transition Freedom and Religion Party, which was then known as the Republican Party.

Despite the official disapproval, Thompson was viewed positively by many in the Muslim community. Tens of millions of Pakistani-Americans remember how after the India-Pakistan war, the Thompson Administration generously opened its borders to victims of the nuclear fallout in Pakistan. Without that step it might have taken decades more before America achieved a Muslim majority.

During the beginning of his second term, Thompson became the first president to take the oath of office on both a Bible and a Koran declaring that he wanted to make no separation between the books of god. At the Thompson funeral, Hamdani appeared to promise that he would repeat that gesture, but his spokeswoman quickly disavowed any notion that he would ever take an oath on a text that was not the Koran.

"No American president has taken an oath on a bible in over a decade, all that the governor meant was that he would keep both Christians and Muslims in mind as the people of Allah when he takes his oath to protect and defend the Sharia," Aisha Zubedi said.

While the Democracy and Justice Party has often appealed to the poor, its missteps have raised concerns in traditional Muslim communities that Hamdani is going too far in pandering to non-Muslims. "Next thing you know he'll say we should let the Jews come back to America," Congressman Mohammed Mogabe declared. "If Hamdani wants votes out of Cleveland then he is going to show he will fight for us, not for the enemies of the prophets."

Hamdani has hurriedly scheduled an upcoming visit to the Ground Zero Mosque, but it may not be enough to improve his image in the eyes those who have accused him of flirting with apostasy. While the Mosque is a traditional stop for presidential candidates, Hamdani is unlikely to pay tribute to the souls of the 19 martyrs as Al-Thani did during the previous election.

Hoping to refocus attention on his economic program, Hamdani called for higher corporate taxes and accused some corporations of abusing Islamic banking, in particular Hibah payments, to avoid paying taxes. Such charges are not new, but particularly galling at a time when over a third of the country is out of work and tycoons like Ahmed Shalafi and Sheikh Johnson have used their connections with the Al-Thani government to become billionaires.

To counter Hamdani, Al-Thani's economic advisers have offered up a stimulus plan that raises the Jizya tax on infidels for the second time in a year and vowed to cut spending even further without affecting subsidies to Islamic schools or military preparedness for the Global Jihad. Though the election is still some time away, the Al-Thani campaign has also rolled out a series of ads targeting poor communities which accuse Hamdani of plotting with Jewish and Christian tycoons to subvert the Islamic system of finance through freemasonry and Communist class warfare tactics.

Adding further drama to the election is the possibility of a third party campaign. Andrew McMillan who has been running as an independent in elections for almost twenty years without appealing to anyone but the same racist groups who have been disavowed even by most Christians and Jews, but there is talk that McMillan's America Party might consider replacing the eccentric millionaire with sports star Ted March. As leading goalscorer who helped the United States win the 2042 World Cup, March is one of the most admired non-Muslims in the country. With him on the ticket, the America Party might be able to adopt a new moderate image that is no longer associated with bigotry and intolerance.

But frustrating his own party members, the septuagenarian McMillan appeared to an event commemorating the 2045 riots and gave a rousing speech which hit on many of the same old themes. "For thirty-six years I've been involved in politics and the only thing that I can tell you about politics is that it's all bunk. We weren't talking about the things that mattered thirty-six years ago and we aren't talking about them now."


  1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  2. Anonymous2/2/12

    Are you familiar with the Assassin Trilogy by Robert Ferrigno. Somehat similar concept. The summaries are from Ferrigni's website.


    Prayers for the Assassin (2007)

    Robert Ferrigno asks what would happen if the terrorists win. In 2015, after the simultaneous suitcase-nuke attacks destroy New York and Washington, D.C. --- attacks blamed on the Israeli Mossad --- a civil war breaks out. An uneasy truce leaves the nation divided between an Islamic republic with its capital in Seattle, and the Christian Bible Belt in the old South.


    Sins of the Assassin (2008)


    Heart of the Assassin (2009)

    Time is running out for the Islamic Republic and the Bible Belt, the two warring nations that arose when the former United States split apart after an economic collapse left tens of millions unemployed and desperate for leadership. Weakened by their endless conflict, both countries are now threatened by the expansionist dreams of the Aztlán Empire (formerly known as Mexico) to the south, which has steadily encroached deep into the regions once called California.

  3. Anonymous2/2/12

    You made me cry.

  4. This is why the future belongs to Tahiti

  5. Abdul Greene?? Don't lay it on too thickly for Dr.Freud!

  6. Daniel: I hope with every atom of my being that your satire is not a harbinger of an alternative future history. (I’m guessing you were inspired by the Harry Turtledove alternative history novels or the like.) And who did your illustrations? Old Glory with the Islamic crescent in the canton makes my blood boil. Instead of the green flag with the chicken-scratch inscription, it ought to be the banner of CAIR. One name I missed in your piece: no mention of that enabler of Islamic conquest, Barack Hussein Obama.

  7. Anonymous2/2/12

    Every muslim in the US prays for this 5 times a day.

    Patriotic Americans cringe and recoil in horror at the thought.

    Liberals think it will never occur and we will benefit from incorporating a few muslim beliefs and laws into our system.

    How do we stop this nightmare from happening all over the world? Where are our courageous American leaders?

  8. Anonymous2/2/12

    Who says Islam and democracy don't mix? :—)))

  9. Passer by2/2/12

    I recently wrote something like this for England

    England, 2050

    The UK desintegrated. Northern Ireland joined Ireland, and Scotland became independent republic. Both of them were immigration unfriendly. Their leadership declared that they will keep Ireland for the Irish people, and Scotland for the Scotish people. Argentine took the Falklands.

    Meanwhile, the English flag was changed – the cross was removed since it was considered to be offensive to many people. England was no longer officialy christian country. Christmas was no longer a public Holiday. Christmas and New Year trees were no longer allowed in public, since they were considered to be racist and xenophobic symbols. There was an intense debate whether the year was 2050 AD, or it was 1471 AH. The old New Year holiday was no longer official, since it conflicted with the muslim calendar.
    There was no such thing as english name. Arab, Hindu, and turkish names were considered to be english names as well, while Mohammed was the most popular “english” name. Many streets names were changed to arab names. London was renamed to Londonistan. Red Crosses were removed from ambulances and hospitals to minimize the risk of riots.
    The Greenwich Meridian was sold to Mecca. The food in public institutions was Halal only.
    History was rewritten. The english were described as bad, guilty people, racists and nazis, who created havoc and mischief around the world. Emigration was described as a punisment against them, where the innocent people from around the world came to England to punish the english racists for their deeds. The streets were no longer safe for the english minority. They were often attacked for being white, or for being infidels. The PM recently declared that since only white people can be racist, hate crimes against the english does not exist.

  10. Anonymous2/2/12

    In the future, the Democrats are Sunni and the Republicans are Shiites, so the political fighting is even worse!

    In brighter news, at least the second amendment right to own a gun are no longer in doubt.

  11. LarryG2/2/12

    @ Anonymous

    re: "How do we stop this nightmare from happening all over the world?"

    With any type of cancer the only remedy is to attack and remove the tumor - by all means available. Tear down the mosques, destroy the madrassas's, attack those who support Islam and make it's presence untenable. In other words, grow a set of nuts.

    America has already had one civil war, don't expect a second one. A revolution is not coming, rather a new iPad is scheduled to appear: toys to soothe and comfort.

  12. Ok, daniel. That's it! THIS is by far THE MOSt brilliant piece I have ever read! Hands down! Brilliant. Unfortunately, I think I might cry because I know that too too many libs won't get it or are too afraid to confront this head on. I believe the Repubs don't, either. sigh..... brilliant piece!

  13. Anonymous3/2/12

    Anon wrote: In brighter news, at least the second amendment right to own a gun are no longer in doubt.

    Only for Muslims.

  14. Anonymous3/2/12

    This article has just ruined my day.

    Thank you DG.

    I will now link it elsewhere and ruin their day as well.

  15. Patrick from Waterloo3/2/12

    I like your posts and share most of your views. However I totally disagree with this piece. It is simply not going to happen. However bleak the present situation seems to be, there will be a reaction. Indigenous European peoples today are not afraid of the muslim invaders, they are afraid of the laws put in place by those who are now in control. They still have too much to lose (work, family, mortgage to pay, future for their kids etc.). When that goes (and it will), the reaction will come and it will be horrible, especially for the muslims. All great civilisations rest on a delicate balance of barbarity and sophistication. At some level we are still barbarians, and our capabilities for violence are immense.

  16. Anonymous3/2/12

    Brilliant. The Ben Ye'or of future history.

  17. @Patrick from Waterloo: Didn't it already happen once in Europe? Bosnia/Herzegovina.

  18. Democrats in Congress, especially Catholics, by supporting Obamcare, are now throwing their religious beliefs "under the bus" to support their savior, their Messiah and their boss. Contraception costs and usage are mandated in Obamacare and by supporting Obamacare, they are enablers for the deaths of children.


    Remember Bart Stupack, (D), Michigan and his stance on abortion and how Obama lied to him>




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